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  • What is the RightGift Ambassador Program?

    This program is a chance to give back to your community and make a little cash by letting your community know about RightGift. With no cap to your commissions, this program can be as rewarding as you make it.
  • What exactly do RightGift Ambassadors do?

    RightGift Ambassadors are tasked with reaching out to nonprofits, schools, religious organizations, businesses, and individuals to educate and activate them with a RightGift account.
  • What time commitment should I expect?

    This program can be as rewarding as you make it. While there is no minimum time requirement, the more time you invest the more reward you'll receive!
  • Am I a good fit for the Ambassador Program?

    You might be a good fit if you: Have connections in any business or nonprofit industries, come from a sales or nonprofit background, are constantly look for ways to make an impact in your area, are self-motivated and willing to try something new, are ready to be a part of a team always looking to the future.
  • How do I get started?

    Submit your inquiry here for the RightGift Ambassador Program and a RightGift team member will respond to you shortly.
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