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  • How much does it cost to run a campaign?

    RightGift is completely free! You can create an account and run as many campaigns as you like for no cost!
  • How do I get started?

    First, you should Create an Account.
  • How do I create a campaign?

    Once you're signed into your account, navigate to the menu button and click on "Your Campaigns." Click on "New Campaign". From here you'll be able to edit the campaign information and items. Here's a video to walk you through the process!
  • Who can run a campaign?

    Campaigns can be run by anyone: Nonprofits, businesses, or individuals. If you don't want to start a camapign on your own, you can also promote an existing campaign for less hassle, but the same impact!
  • Where are items shipped?

    You get to decide where items are shipped for each campaign, whether that's your office, warehouse, or home.
  • Who pays for shipping?

    Shipping costs are part of the donor's payment, however, most retailers have a threshold to meet to receive free shipping.
  • How many campaigns can I run?

    As many as you want, however, we suggest focusing on one theme of campaigns at once. We've noticed that organizations narrowing in on a single topic tend to be more successful!
  • How do I promote another organization's campaign?

    Promoting a campaign is an easy way to get involved with less hassle! Simply login to your account, find a campaign you wish to support, and click Promote. Any donation made from your promoted campaign will be shipped to the organization. Here's a simple video tutorial!
  • How many items should I include on my wish list?

    Our most successful wish lists have anywhere between 10-19 items. This range gives you a chance to tell a story about how the items are being put to use without overwhelming donors with large amounts of items. We also suggest setting quantities needed between 5-10 so the total amount of items makes your goal attainable.
  • Where can I see my donor's information?

    You can take a look at your reports by logging in, clicking on the menu button in the upper right corner, and navigating to Order Reports. This downloadable report can be filtered by donation date and includes each donoation made, the items purchased, and the donor information. If a donation line has no donor information included, the donor has elected to remain anonymous.
  • How many logins can I have on my account?

    A normal account setup has one login, however, if you're looking to have multiple departments, locations, or areas of your organization setting up campaigns we can ennable "Roles and Permissions" (Watch Video). Roles and Permissions allows you to have an umbrella account for your organization with subaccounts under. Each subaccount will have access to their campaigns, but not other subaccounts' campaigns. The umbrella account holder will have access to all campaigns.
  • How should I share my campaign?

    Once you publish your wish list, you will see a 'Share Campaign' button in the upper left. This is where you can find your shareable URL for social media, email, etc. Be sure to include the link in newsletters, emails to your potential donors, local media, etc.
  • Where can I drop off used items that I would like to donate to your charity?

    RightGift does not accept in-kind donations. We provide charities with a 'wish list' from which their donors select items to purchase and donate to the charity. Please contact the charity to assist with your in-kind donation drop off.
  • Where on the wish list page can I make a cash donation?

    RightGift does not support cash donations. Please contact the charity directly for assistance.
  • Is there a QR code that can direct people to our wish list site?

    Making a QR code is simple and a great way to make your campaign more accessible! There are several free tools you can use such as the-qrcode-generator.com. Just enter your campaign URL from the "Share" button on their site and save your new QR code.
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