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  • How do I get started?

    Choose a campaign that you want to support. Don't have one? Check out our Discover Page. Once you're on a campaign, start shopping by adding the quantity of items you would like to donate to your cart. When you're done shopping, click the cart icon in the upper right hand corner. From here, you can go through the checkout process as a quest or create a free account!
  • Am I required to create an account to make a donation?

    No. We offer a guest checkout, however, creating a free account helps you track all of your donations and allows you to promote campaigns or start your own.
  • Where are items shipped?

    The items you're purchasing will be shipped directly to the organization.
  • Who pays for shipping?

    The shipping cost can be seen on the checkout page. However, most retailers have a minimum threshold to receive free shipping. If you are within range of the minimum threshold, there will be a notice at the top of the checkout page. To meet the minimum, simply navigate back to the wish list and add additional items.
  • I added 1 kit, but now there are multiple items in my cart. What does this mean?

    Have no fear! The price of the kit you selected includes all of these useful items. This is just a list of what the organization you're supporting needs in order to supply a kit.
  • Where can I drop off used items that I would like to donate to your charity?

    RightGift does not accept in-kind donations. We provide charities with a 'wish list' from which their donors select new items to purchase and donate to the charity. Please contact the charity directly to assist with your in-kind donation drop off.
  • Where on the wish list page can I make a cash donation?

    RightGift does not support cash donations. Please contact the charity directly for assistance.
  • How do I share with my network that I donated?

    After your checkout process is complete, click on the social media icons on the thank you page. This is a simple way to share that you've supported a nonprofit's campaign and encourage your network to donate as well!
  • I'm making a purchase on behalf of a 501(c)3 and am tax exempt. How do I qualify for a tax-free purchase?

    If you're a nonprofit and qualify for tax exempt purchases, email us at with your tax-exempt certificate before placing your order.
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