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  • Who can use the Give Back Program?

    Anyone using RightGift can utilize the GiveBack Program. Whether you're a nonprofit, business, or individual purchasing items for charities through RightGift Campaigns or buying your products on RightGift Marketplace, 1% of the purchase price on qualifying items will be donated to a cause of your choice.
  • What items qualify for Give Back?

    Any item from our Give Back retailers qualify.
  • If I buy an item on a RightGift Campaign, is 1% given back to the charity?

    Yes! Your donation will have twice the impact: The wish list item you're purchasing and 1% of the purchase price.
  • If I am running a campaign, who can I direct my 1% to?

    Most campaigns direct the 1% Give Back to the charity supported by the campaign. If you would like your Give Back donation designated to a different nonprofit, reach out to us at
  • How are charities paid the 1%?

    Charities receive their Give Back donation on a quarterly basis on behalf of the RightGift Foundation.
  • When are charities paid?

    Charities receive their Give Back donation on a quarterly basis.
  • What is the RG Foundation?

    The RightGift Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 and RightGift's charitable arm. As a Benefit Corporation, RightGift founded The RightGift Foundation as a way to give back in even more ways than offering a free technology for charitable giving. The Foundation is responsible for RightGift's Give Back Program.
  • How do I get started on the GiveBack Program?

    The Give Back Program is already part of the RightGift platform! To get started, just create a campaign using one of our Give Back Retailers. Have questions? Email us at
  • Can I write this off on my taxes?

    Your donation to a charity is tax-deductible. For donation tax receipts, please contact the nonprofit you are supporting.
  • What is the Double Give Back on Giving Tuesdays?

    The first Tuesday of every month, we DOUBLE our cash back feature so you will receive 2% back on items purchased through our Give Back retailers.
  • If I purchase items off of my own wish list, do I qualify for the 1% Give Back?

    Yes! Direct purchasing can be done straight from your public facing campaign. If you're a nonprofit and qualify for tax exempt purchases, email us at before placing your order.
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