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Do you know someone in your community that needs a helping hand? Create your own wish list on RightGift to help fundraise the items they need.

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RightGift doesn't take a fee or charge you anything. When an item is purchased through RightGift our retail partners pay us a commission on the item purchased which is how we're able to offer the our service free of charge.

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With over 60,000 items, RightGift makes it easy to build wish lists of items from social impact retailers.

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By wish listing specific items, you ensure that those you're supporting get exactly what they need and you get a clear understanding of the positive impact you made possible!

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Built-in tools make it easy for you to share your wish list on social media to help rally support for your cause.

Example Wish List - Playground Toy Fundraiser
Example Wish List - Playground Toy Fundraiser

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