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Technology Needs

The items in this wish list provide technology needs for our clients and our volunteers looking to give back during this time. While we are all remote, the needs of our organization do not stop. By keeping people connected, we can continue to serve the individuals in our community.

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Operations Unit

The equipment and supplies in this list would be used to help our members engage in the daily administrative tasks and operation of the Clubhouse. Our Business Unit is full of resources available to all members for search for housing, jobs and support services. Together members and staff also plan, write, act, film and edit our own "news program" called ACTV. Check out our previous episodes at

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Vitality Unit

The items in this list are for our Kitchen & Wellness Unit and will help us prepare more healthy and nutritious lunches as well as increase our ability to encourage healthy lifestyle choices through diet and physical activity. We also cultivate an organic garden to create produce and herbs for our daily lunches.

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