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Emergency Shelter for Women and Children

Providing for the needs of 40 women and children in the shelter around the clock, 365 days each year, requires a significant amount of resources: human resources, food resources, equipment and supplies. The items on this list help us provide for the unique needs of women and children, ensuring they have much needed clothing and personal supplies. Recreational products for the children are also essential to their wellbeing - for entertainment, education/learning and social development.

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Learning Toys and Supplies for the Children

On average 60% of the shelter residents are children. Many are infants and toddlers. We have a lot of school-age boys and girls as well. These toys and supplies will be used both for recreation and to aid in age appropriate child development skills.

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A New Home for Homeless Families

It is unusual for the women in the BOS program to have income sufficient to secure market rate housing. Most will require some type of subsidy. BOS also operates 10 units of scattered-site housing where formerly homeless women and children can live for two years (in some cases longer) while they continue on their journey to independence. This program is designed to take women who work full time and help them to clear up their credit history, work on the barriers that have brought them to the program and increase their earning potential with full time jobs with benefits.

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Let's Get to Work - Help Women Dress for Success

Getting women to work is a major focus at BOS and proper attire is critical. It sets the stage for a positive interview.

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