Ogden Nature Center

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Habitat Restoration

The items in this list help our habitat restoration efforts. These efforts include invasive species removal, native seed collection, seeding with native species, and planting and watering trees. The habitat restoration work that our volunteers and staff so makes a huge difference in allowing us to preserve pristine habitats for the public to learn from and for the well-being of native animals on the property.

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Animal Care

The items in this list help care for our resident animals. From numerous non-releasable birds of prey to amphibians to a domestic bunny, the Nature Center spends a lot of time and resources on our animals. By donating items for these animals, you are helping to support our mission of uniting people with nature and nurturing appreciation and stewardship of the environment.

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Behind the Scenes

The items in this list will help us with all the behind the scenes work. Without the office and administration work our programs couldn't happen.

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