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Manage Multiple Order Requests

Easily Purchase for Others

Tired of collecting, organizing and submitting purchase orders with different shipping addresses for others? We hear you.

Receiving multiple requests for one-off items you'd rather group together? We've built your solution!

Our new Collective Purchasing feature is structured so that you can cut down on hectic forms of communication and time spent sourcing items. Don't drain your time and resources by allowing RightGift to set up your requested item needs and share with appropriate shoppers.

Streamlining your purchases and providing flexibility is why our team is here.

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Purchasing for Others has Never Been Easier

How Collective Purchasing Works

Item Selection

Identifying the items that need to be procured is the first step to setting good expectations. You can do this by filling out the form at the bottom of this page with selected items.

Identify Receiving Parties

This process includes establishing receiving parties, their shipping addresses and delivery preferences. This information can also be included on the request form.

Create Campaigns

Your RightGift consultant will establish a template wish list for your approval. These campaigns can be copied as many times as needed to serve all selected parties' needs.

Publish & Train

After publishing the campaigns, you can now effectively plan and conduct individual or group training. After shoppers add items to their cart, they will continue through the checkout process WITHOUT PAYMENT.

Tips & Tricks

Within the cart, items can be deleted completely, increased in quantity, or lowered in quantity. To navigate back to add items, simply go back to the wish list and keep shopping!

Approval Process

Once the checkout is completed, the shopper, as well as the account admin, will receive an itemized receipt with line totals and a final payment amount. The account admin will accept or deny the order via email response.

Payment & Logistics

Upon approval, the admin will receive a second email with a link to our RightGift payment system. As soon as the invoice is paid, our team will place the order and tracking and shipping information will be sent to all parties involved.

RightGift GiveBack

When you purchase from RightGift, we'll donate 1% cash back to the nonprofit of your choice. If you are a nonprofit purchasing for yourself, that counts too! Increase your purchase's purpose and fund your nonprofit's mission.

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