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Give charities exactly what they need with RightGift Wish List Campaigns . The perfect solution for your workplace giving campaign. Givers, companies and charities benefit by knowing every gift meets an important need.

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RightGift campaigns enable giving by connecting individual givers and businesses to support your mission.

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Alternatives For Girls - All Agency Wish List
Alternatives For Girls - All Agency Wish List

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Brents Place - Workplace Giving Campaign
Duet Foundation Supporting Brents Place Workplace Giving Campaign

RightGift for Individuals

Support Your Personal Social Mission

Do you know someone in your community that needs a helping hand? Create your own campaign on RightGift to help fundraise the items they need.

100% free. No fees

Easy to use, easy to set up

Help someone get exactly what they need

Social sharing made easy

Support your school, church, or community

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Featured Partners

RightGift partners with people and organizations which exhibit social responsibility and have a positive impact in support of legitimate needs.

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From Our Partners

“It is a fab cause and was super easy to complete.”
“Wow was that easy! I just clicked through RightGift and purchased a few things. Way cool.”
“This was an excellent method to facilitate giving!”

- Bright Health Employees Bright Health’s employees to their HR department

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Select items from a variety of online retailers and distribute lists of your exact needs.

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Deepen giver relationships and send personalized thank you messages.

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