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Overcoming Nonprofit Challenges with Cash Back Programs

  • Limited Funding

    Nonprofits often struggle to secure consistent funding to fuel their vital work.

  • Increasing Operational Costs

    As operational costs rise, it becomes harder for nonprofits to allocate funds to their core missions.

  • Creating Awareness

    Many nonprofits face challenges in reaching wider audiences and creating awareness about their initiatives.

  • Sustaining Engagement

    Keeping donors engaged and motivated for long-term support can be a significant hurdle.


  • Who can use the Give Back Program?

  • What items qualify for Give Back?

  • If I buy an item on a RightGift Campaign, is 1% given back to the charity?

  • If I am running a campaign, who can I direct my 1% to?

  • How are charities paid the 1%?

  • When are charities paid?

  • What is the RG Foundation?

  • How do I get started on the GiveBack Program?

  • Can I write this off on my taxes?

  • If I purchase items off of my own wish list, do I qualify for the 1% Give Back?

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