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RightGift is 100% free to use for your nonprofit and givers. When an item is purchased through RightGift our reputable retail partners pay us a commission on the item purchased which is how we're able to offer our service free of charge.

Receive Giver Contact Information

RightGift was built with nonprofits in mind and enables givers to share their contact information making it easy for you to send thank you notes, provide tax receipts and start a relationship with new givers.

100% Brand New Items

No more time spent sorting and disposing of used item donations. With RightGift you get the exact items you need, all brand new.

Accurate Inventory Management

Using RightGift's Order Dashboard you can fully track which items have been purchased and update your needs in real-time as they evolve.

Organization Support

Some nonprofits have many locations or simply need multiple employees to have access to their wish lists. You can assign a super admin and many wish list managers to your account.

Huge Selection of Items

Our reputable, authorized retail partners support over 8.5 million products ensuring you have a wide selection of items at competetive prices.

Alternatives For Girls Wish List
Alternatives For Girls Wish List

Review Your Orders

Easily review the state of your orders, associated giver information, and download your order history.

Charitable Orders Admin Example
Charitable Orders Admin Example

Manage Your Campaigns

RightGift automates the curation of your wish lists by reviewing item stock, pricing and availability.

Wish List Admin Example
Wish List Admin Example

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