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You've used stale, forgotten retailer lists that bog down your fundraising. Now you can easily organize, curate, and promote wish list campaigns that work.

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Alternatives For Girls Wish List
Mission of Yahweh Wish List

Simple Wish List Campaigns

Start in under 5 mins

Describe your mission and lives you impact

Use campaign templates

Time-based or ongoing needs

Ship items directly where you need them

Create giver thank you messages

Choose from Over 60,000 products

Set item priority and impact message

Manage Your Campaigns

Update your campaign at any time

Donation tracking, reports and downloads

Multiple admin levels for distributed organizations

Get giver contact information (opt-in)

Charitable Orders Admin Example
Alternatives for Girls Admin Example
Wish List Admin Example
Wish List Admin Example

Promote Your Campaigns

Share your campaign on social media or emails

Givers share and promote your campaigns

Get RightGift best practices

Download promotional materials

Increase Giver Success

Send thank you messages

Export giver information

Tell the story behind the ask

Turn your campaign into your marketing page

Wish List Admin Example
Wish List Admin Example

Get The Most Out Of RightGift

More Than Just Wish Lists

Roles & Permissions

Assign a Super Admin
Invite unlimited admins
Flexible use: locations, programs, or departments

Tax Receipts

Issues tax receipts (opt-in)
Issues made at the time of purchase
Download full tax receipt report

Event Days

Easy & Simple event creation
Build / kit / delivery day
Send RSVPs

Robust Reporting

Get detailed campaign results
Download older reports
Cross-campaign roll ups

Giver Communication

Receive giver donation messages
Send thank you messages
Access giver information (opt-in)

Inventory Management

Use lists for internal purchases
Quickly access millions of items
Record and report initernal spending

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The Mission of Yahweh
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