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Collectively provide nonprofits with the items they need to carry out their mission.

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Rally Your Employees

Employees use RightGift wish lists to purchase in-kind donations for your approved nonprofits.

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RightGift Tracks & Reports

You get complete reporting and insight into your employees engagement, purchase amounts, and totals per nonprofit.

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Match Employee Giving

Complete unpurchased wish list items and provide incentives for employees with matching funds to nonprofits.

Looking for a workplace giving program your employees can get excited about? RightGift enables easy, transparent, impactful giving!

Transparency in Giving

Employees are able to select items meaningful to them to donate, leading to greater transparency and deeper engagement in giving. 

Support for Matching Gifts

RightGift enables you to match on multiple levels by keeping track of your campaign and company-wide goals. Employees get insight into the additional impact of their gift.

Reporting & Analytics

Get campaign metrics on your employees' collective impact. Understand company-wide and nonprofit specific giving amounts.

Save Nonprofits Time, Money, & Resources

Nonprofits receive many in-kind donation items they can not use. They spend time sorting, and shipping unwanted items. RightGift's solution makes sure nonprofits receive only what they need.

Free For You, Free For Your Employees

RightGift is free. There is no deduction from employee payroll or charge to your company. When an item is purchased through RightGift our retail partners pay us a commission on the item purchased. This is how we're able to offer our service free of charge.

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Brents Place - Paw Patrol Welcome Basket Wish List
Brents Place - Paw Patrol Welcome Basket Wish List

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