Assistance League of Northern Virginia

Toiletries for Kids

  • Deodorant Soap, 3 OZ
    Product image for Deodorant Soap, 3 OZ

    Deodorant Soap, 3 OZ

    Case of 72 - 3 oz Bar Soap - Antibacterial - Deodorant

    $64.1520 neededmax of 16 per cart

  • Shampoo & Body Bath, 4oz
    Product image for Shampoo & Body Bath, 4oz

    Shampoo & Body Bath, 4oz

    For Hair & Body - 60 Count, 4 oz Each

    $60.7525 neededmax of 7 per cart

  • Adult Toothbrushes with Rubber Grip
    Product image for Adult Toothbrushes with Rubber Grip

    Adult Toothbrushes with Rubber Grip

    Case of 144 Adult Toothbrush, Assorted Colors Rubber Grips

    $50.5418 neededmax of 12 per cart

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